House Of Six

We are so excited to share the release of our first wallpaper collection 'Modern Day Nomad' for House Of Six. 
For this collection Karina looks through the window of the past and the future for inspiration, observing techniques of the old craft, such as patchwork, crochet and stencil and injecting a contemporary twist with a new scale and mix of pastel and vibrant colours, think blush and mint, indigo and coral. 
She was inspired by hand made crafts and block printing and wanted to resemble a handmade wall, were the patterns were painted by hand then repeated and recoloured to create a harmonious movement and flow onto the wall. 
In the background there is an adventurous soul, one that is artistic and travels places, looking for the comfort of the old and the excitement of the new. It is like Bossa-Nova meets Samba.